‘he took shots at me’ nasty c reveals the real reason why he can't work with khaligrapgh jones

 Nasty C and Khaligraph jones [photo courtesy]>

Nasty C and Khaligraph jones [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa August 3, 2021

South African rapper Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo, alias Nasty C, has finally addressed his alleged beef with Kenyan rapper Khaligrapgh jones.

During an exclusive interview with NTV, the 24-year old rapper stated that  he has nothing against the Mazishi crooner.

Although the rapper expressed that he still cannot work with Khaligraph Jones, stating that Khaligraph dissed him  in one of his songs.

“Its more like Intentions, he dropped a song a year ago and he said some words that I didn't really appreciate and I think he was taking shots and a lot of people felt the same.’ He said.

‘I don't want to start beef with anybody, I don't want to do that, he started the whole thing he will have to clear it up’ he added.

Their alleged beef was sparked as soon as Nasty C arrived in  Kenya as he had a short interview at the airport where he stated that he cannot work with the OG as their style of music are different.

"I have heard of him. But our styles don't match," responded Nasty C when questioned whether he would work with the Kenyan rapper.

On the other hand, Khaligraph Jones has stated that he understands Nasty C’s arguments and still respects him as a rapper.