‘i was the first rapper with an iphone’ soulja boy states

Soulja Boy [photo courtesy]>

Soulja Boy [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa July 5, 2021

American rapper Soulja Boy has recently revealed that he is the first rapper to have an iPhone.

During a podcast interview, the ‘Crank that’ hitmaker said, ‘I was the first rapper with an iPhone’.

He continues to explain that the iPhone was handed over to him by Steve Jobs who is one of the Apple inventors.

‘I was in the swimming pool, doing the instructional dance, showing the people how to do the dance. We were on the set of the ‘Crank Dat’ video. They came, they brought me the iPhone.’ 

‘Did Steve Jobs himself show up?’ one of the podcast hosts inquired, and Big Draco replied, ‘Yes, Steve Jobs. Also, Apple’s entire crew. This, they claimed, was the first iPhone.’

Fans first dismissed Soulja Boy’s allegations, but shortly after his announced appearance on Million Dollaz Worth Of Game, Twitter users began turning up receipts to prove that Soulja Boy isn’t lying. 

While no one has been able to provide video proof that Steve Jobs personally delivered the iPhone to Soulja, several fans have been able to find archival footage of the rapper demonstrating the first-generation iPhone.