‘anataka kula kuku na kifaranga’ rayvanny releases dis track on harmonize

Rayvanny left, Harmonize right, [photo courtesy]>

Rayvanny left, Harmonize right, [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa April 13, 2021

The streets of Tanzania are currently on heat, with WCB artist Rayvanny and Harmonize coming at each other with their best weapon, music.

After Rayvany exposed the Konde boss, he went straight to the studio and recorded a song dedicated to his music rival.

Rayvanny, who earlier took to social media to call out Harmonize for his actions, decided to drag the Jeshi crooners name in the mud.

In his song, he explains how hypocritical Harmonize acted when he was accused of involving a minor in what was termed as ‘adult’ affairs.

He also stated that Harmonize was choking with jealousy when Kajala was with him, further explaining that he wanted both mother and daughter.

‘Mbona ulisema mengi ukitaka nipotee, sasa umefanya nini na ulisema nini na wala usijitetee.

Macho hayana pazia, nilimwona anavutia, naye akanikubalia kumbe moyoni unaumia, dunia imejaa visanga, ubinadamu umekua majanga, tembo amefungwa kwa banda, anataka kula kuku pia na vifaranga.’ He sang

In February, Harmonize’s ex-girlfriend Kajala accused Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto and singer Rayvanny of allegedly getting her student daughter Paula drunk and recording her.

A video clip that was widely shared on social media, which angered many Tanzanians, Rayvanny could be seen kissing the 18-year-old Paula.

Harmonize then said the WCB signee was out to ruin Paula’s life at the expense of his blossoming music career, claiming the Kiuno singer eyed Paula out of jealousy because he was dating her mother.

Rayvanny later apologized to the Bongo movie actress for his involvement with her daughter and making public his intimate videos with her daughter, a high school student.