'when i first saw you' paskal tikodi celebrates wife's birthday as he narrates their first meeting

Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapi>

Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapi

by Beatrice Ambasa April 28, 2021

Kenya's most celebrated actor cum musician Pascal Tokodi has celebrated his lovely wife Grace Ekirapi's Birthday in the most heartwarming way.

In an Instagram post, Paskal pampered his wife with sweet words leaving Kenyan women wishing they could be in Kirapi's shoes.

The actor poured out his heart to his wife as he reveals that their first encounter happened at a Java House, and he was a bit shy to make the first move.

Tokodi narrates that on their first encounter, he was speechless, not knowing the best way to approach her (Grace) until she smiled at him. He went on to confess his love for Ms Ekirapa, stating that he can't wait to make her a mother.

"On a certain 4th, You walked in a certain Java, 😌, it was my first time seeing you in person and I remember staring at you as you looked for a place to sit. You should have seen how wide my smile was when you chose the seat next to me.😄

You ordered Pancakes, pulled out your laptop and started working, I on the other hand sat there looking at you wondering how I was going to make the first move, for a guy who usually has a lot to say , I was speechless that day, you must have noticed cause you looked up and smiled at me , I smiled back and that was the beginning of everything for me.😌

As you turn a year older, I want you to know that you are cared for and loved, You'll make a wonderful mother and I can't wait to make you one.😉

You are my person. This is Always and Forever , For People Like Us!!! Would you look at that. Enjoy your Day baby, I love you.❤️ @graceekirapa" reads Pascal's message to Grace.

Upon seeing the message, Grace confessed that the day is still fresh in her heart and she is grateful for the forever after.

"Honeyyy😭😭😭😭😭 why are you doing this to me😤😤 That day continues to be fresh in my heart and I am eternally grateful for the forever after. I Love youu Soooo much and this message I will print and carry with me forever❤️❤️❤️😘 Thank you Babie".