'watu ni opportunist' rapper octopizzo calls out khaligrapgh jones and other kenyan artists for meeting dp ruto

Octopizzo and Khaligraph >

Octopizzo and Khaligraph

by Beatrice Ambasa April 26, 2021

Rapper Octopizzo has decided to go all out and rant on social media, calling out artists for their hypocrisy.

Taking to his Twitter handle, the father of two stated that some Kenyan artists are 'opportunist'.

Octopizzo, who has had beef with Khaligraph, received multiple reactions under his tweet, which has since garnered 2,566 likes and 307 comments.

He claimed that the artists are using Covid-19 as a cover-up for who they truly are saying, 

"So "Covid" imefanya "wasani" wakue opportunists. Niliwasho hizi watu ni mambleina wote mkadhani ni jokes sasa ona. 😂😂..Hizi gani." His post read.

Rapper Khaligraph Jones had last week called on the Deputy President to listen to the plight of Kenyans who have been rendered jobless due to the government-sanctioned curfew.

The rapper further added a condition: he would campaign for the DP for free if he listens.

Ruto responded to Khaligraph's plea stating that he is ready to organize relief food for those going through a tough time.

Ruto added that he was willing to meet with stakeholders in the creative industry and exchange ideas on how they can help each other.

Khaligraph Jones then led a team of creatives to meet the Deputy President, William Ruto, after an invitation to the DP's home.

"At the request of our artists led by rapper @KHALIGRAPH (Brian Robert Ouko), I met members of the creative industry to discuss their concerns, receive suggestions & proposals on the current Covid-19 situation in the country," tweeted Ruto.

The team included: Rapper Nonini, DJ Joe Mfalme, Nadia Mukami, Jalang'o, Dj Shiti, Willy Paul, among others.