'vita ndogo zisiwatishe' nviri back together with girlfriend elodie zone

Nviiri the Storyteller and Elodie Zone [Photo courtesy]>

Nviiri the Storyteller and Elodie Zone [Photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa June 11, 2021

Sol Generation signee Nviiri the Storyteller, has refuted claims that his relationship with social media influencer Elodie Zone has ended.

In an exclusive interview with Milele FM, Nviiri stated that all is well in their camp, further adding that they are still together and their 'small' fights should not worry fans.


“Kwani tumeachana? Bado tunapostiana Instagram. Vita ndogo isiwatishe...Utafanya niweke picha yangu na yeake hapa sai niwakasirishe. hatujaachana mimi na Elodie..... Yeye ni dhahabu yangu...ni ngumu kupata dhahabu hapa Njee so huwezi kuiacha tu ivo.. mtuombee pia” said Nviiri the storyteller.

Elodie, who fueled breakup stories after alleging that she has been facing abuse in her relationship, went ahead and took a u-turn, stating that she was under the influence of alcohol while making such allegations.

She further stated that her narration was blown out of proportion.

"Nviiri and I came to Coast with our friends to unwind, relax and make peace with each other. When I made the post it was fueled by tension and an afternoon of a few many drinks.

Neither one of Us thought it would be blown out of proportion the way it has been" said Elodie in part.