'people want to be associated with me' amber ray responds to friendship with jamal's first wife amira

Amber Ray and Amira [photo courtesy]>

Amber Ray and Amira [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa June 9, 2021

Socialite Amber Ray has come out guns blazing to address rumours that she had befriended Jamaal's wife, Amira, before stealing her husband.

Several fans have come for her for the tactics she used to get close to Jamal.

Amira, who had an interview at Radio Jambo, stated that Amber Ray was her acquaintance before she learnt that she was married to her husband, Jamal.

Sharing details on her Instagram page, Amira said she got a random call from Amber Ray one day, asking her to go see the baby clothes she was selling.

"I did not know her as I had come from Dubai for quite some time, so sikua najua what kind of a person she was. Nikachukua manguo and even asked her where she does her lashes."

Through her Instagram, during a Q and A session, Amber Ray said that Amira showed interest in her as she is in the public eye.

"Truth be told, being in the public eye come across so many people on a daily and most of the times people tend to feel or want to some form of association with me. Hers was not different from the rest."

Amber Ray is currently married to Jamal as the second wife. 

Amber also said she met Jamal when he was still broke and a single parent.

"I met him a couple of years back when he was a single parent like me na hajaomoka bado. I was not ready to settle down so we broke up but kept our friendship. Then after some time, he asked me to be his second wife. He had gotten back with his first wife."