'he is the best mc i have ever seen' sautisol's bien gushes over nyashinski.

Bien and Nyashinski>

Bien and Nyashinski

by Helvine Achieng May 11, 2021

Sauti Sol's singer Bien-Aime Baraza has dropped a lot of his facts when it comes to music in Kenya. In the latest CTA episodes, Bien's facts have included his love and appreciation for Nyashinski. He said Kenya's best rapper liking Nyashinkis work to that of American rapper J Cole.


"I think Nyash is the best Kenyan MC I have ever heard. When I listen to how he raps, his cadences, choice of words and poetry. He is prophetic and his music timeless. "He ticks all the boxes of where I place J Cole. I prefer Nyashinski because he is more relatable," Bien said.

Baraza further mentioned that he has at least ten unreleased songs with Nyash. 

'Other than Sauti Sol, Nyashinski comes second when it comes to the collaborations I have done."