'9k tu' mulamwa reveals how much he pays his rent

 Mulamwah [photo courtesy]>

Mulamwah [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa July 7, 2021

Kenyan comedian Mulamwah definitely minds how he spends his hard-earned money.

Taking to social media, the father to be revealed how much he pays for his rent monthly.

During a Q&A session, curious fans asked how much he spends on rent, and the comedian proudly posted a photo of his receipt, which clearly showed that he spends approximately 9k.

He further advised his peers to always live within their means, with zero pressure to impress the world.

“Unalipa Nyumba doo Ngapi” asked a fan

Mulamwah replied; "9K TU.

This comes days after Mulamwa flaunted 700k, stating that he would buy his first piece of land with the money.

Mulamwa has been recognized as one of the few young artists to take keen interest in investing his money.

Currently, the comedian owns ten motorcycles and a fast food joint.