‘marriage is a good idea’ preacher robert burale talks of re-marrying

Robert Burale [photo courtesy]>

Robert Burale [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa August 3, 2021

City Preacher and Motivational Speaker Robert Burale has revealed that he still has plans to remarry.

This revelation comes 8 years after his marriage to the mother of his daughter ended.

The preacher had much to say about his personal life during an exclusive interview with Mwalimu Churchill.

According to Burale, he has been single since 2013 when his one year and two days’ marriage hit rock bottom.

“Do I intent to get married? Yes 10001%. I’m a Luhya man, I don’t have the grace to be single… so keep your eyes and ears open you never know…I was married in 2012 for one year two days na ikaisha. She is a great woman of God, someone I respect so much but it didn't just work out…Marriage is a good Idea and marriage is  Gods idea. Viti zingine ni lazima you enjoy in marriage; in Heaven we will just be worshipping," he said.

He also revealed the nature of his relationship with Mama Lexie, stating that they co-parent well and have no complaints.

“She is a business lady, and we are raising our daughter the best way we know how. Co-parenting is very important if you don’t do it mtaumiza mtoto. It may not appear right now but later in life it shows… Many people enjoy the intimacy but run away from the responsibilities." he said.