“i was in denial ” daddy owen opens up on suffering.

Gospel singer Daddy Owen>

Gospel singer Daddy Owen

by Muthoni Kimani January 25, 2021

Gospel singer Daddy Owen has opened up about his mental health struggle.

Daddy Owen revealed he has been battling depression since 2019, just about the same time that his marriage is said to have been hit by strong turbulence.

Speaking during an interview with Word Is, Daddy Owen said he was suppressing the depression, thinking that he would get over it with time.

“I have been suppressing and thinking that I would be fine until when the side-effects started showing. The problem is that I was in denial and I wasted a lot of time saying I would be okay as a man,” said Daddy Owen.

Adding that; “Those I tried to explain to my problems to thought I was mad. Others told me to be a man. But in the long run, I had to dig the problem and face it.”

The gospel singer said he has been seeing a counsellor, and that now he understands the way of overcoming emotional battles.

“When you become hopeless, you even fear getting a psychiatrist since you do not trust anyone. That was a wrong move, but I thank God I came out and I can now feel relieved.”