‘wakenya wamenitusi’ embarambamba speaks after viral erotic video

Embarambamba [photo courtesy]>

Embarambamba [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa May 26, 2021

Gospel singer Embarambamba has finally spoken after a raunchy video of him went viral.

Through a video that he shared online with his fans, Embarambamba justified his actions in the video, stating that people are quick to judge him yet many don't understand the meaning of the song.

‘Wakenya wamenihukumu, wamenitusi, mafans wangu wamekasirika na wengine wanasema mimi ni shetani wala sio kuokoka. lakini kitu nataka mgundue wakenya hii video kabla hujacomment angalia the statement of the song. the song says umetoa hii ujinga ya kufanyafanya vitu vya upuzi wapi, umesahau mungu kwa msalaba…’ He stated paretly in the video.

Embarambamba trended for the better part of last night with Kenyans expressing mixed reactions on Twitter.

A section of netizens opted to castigate the gospel singer who is well known for his theatrics whenever he is performing.

According to many, Embarambamba's actions were out of line as he is a well known gospel artist.

A section also questioned why he was performing in a nightclub.