‘the kansoul’ architects of gengetone in kenya.

The Kansoul>

The Kansoul

by Muthoni Kimani January 22, 2021

Madtraxx, Mejja, and KidKora, who together constitute the Kansoul hip hop music group, have come out to state to be the Gengetone music genre architects.

The trio opened up about launching Gengetone music in Kenya while speaking during a recent interview. They clarified they transitioned from Genge music to Gengetone when they released their hit song ‘Nyongwa’ in 2014.

“We changed the game. You guys thought Gengetone came juzi and we have been doing ‘Nyongwa’ ever since,” Madtraxx said.

Adding that; “We crafted and are the architects of the game you think is so hot right now. We have been doing this for a while. People like Nonini designed it. Do you think the talk on nasty things started today? I am telling you The Kansoul wasn’t just about me, Mejja, and Kora.

We are like a movement; we are creating services that people need. We make you go to the club and dance your a


Recently PPP Tv had a one on one with Madtraxx where he was asked if he’ll ever be done with music and he said; “Never,I can take a break,but I don’t think anyone can ever retire from music.”

He also added; “Nawapenda mafans wangu sana and thank you for all the support and new music coming soon.”