‘tunaenda kortini’ mejja reveals he sued artist who removed ‘tabia za wakenya’ from youtube

Mejja  [photo courtesy]>

Mejja [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa July 5, 2021

Celebrated Genge tone artist Mejja has recently revealed that he has sued an upcoming artist who goes by the name Revina for claiming his song Tabia za Wakenya.

The song was pulled down from YouTube a few weeks ago due to copyright claim, barely a week after it was released.

Revina, revealed that he had recorded his song with music producer Vicky pon dis only for him to use the same track on Mejja’s Tabia za Wakenya.

 The upcoming artist also explained that he went through a lot of hustle to raise money to record his song which Mejja and the producer stole.

In a recent interview that has since made rounds on social media, Mejja states that he has sued the artist who claimed his song and was behind the removal of the hit from Youtube.

Mejja further explains that Revina used his name for clout by filing false copyright claims on his song 

He also said that the song that Revina had recorded had no similarities with his song "Tabia Za Wakenya".

‘Tunaenda Kortini sababu hiyo jamaa ali serviwa na wakili wangu. Nilipost mziki kwa Instagram watu waskie, na haifanani hata kidogo. Sikuhizi watu wanafanya hivyo kufanya kama clout.’ Mejja stated.