‘people insulted me’ brendah jones explains cyber bullying after turning 24

Comedian Brenda Gathoni (Brendah Jons)>

Comedian Brenda Gathoni (Brendah Jons)

by Beatrice Ambasa May 21, 2021

Comedian Brenda Gathoni (Brendah Jons) known for the character Mama Kingston has opened up on cyberbullying after she turned 24.

Brendah, who came into the limelight circa 2019 and became popular for her 'Plesdent Kingstone' vines, turned 24 on May 14th.

The comedian says the expectations people place on celebrities are absurd and no one should face the heat for someone else’s frustrations.

“Them; eeeh sijui you look too old to be 24..ooh sijui umenona unakula nini?? Me; nakula pesa yangu😌😌 Since i turned 24 i have had people insult me and say all harsh things they felt like saying and imagine i wasn't hurt😫 it just got me thinking, we already have an expectation of what a "celebrity" should look like...we expect a Kim Kardashian in Brendah Jons and it's okay to expect but once your expectations are not met you decide to pour your frustrations under my posts…,”read Brendah’s post.

Brendah further added that no one should be subjected to hateful and judgmental comments.

btw ata siongei vibaya,I'm just saying don't subject your shitty opinions and hateful thoughts on people....work on yourself so much that you stop seeing the "faults" in others... you know why you judge others,BECAUSE YOU LOOK AT THEM FOR WHO YOU SEE THEM AS...but guess what,GOD LOVES THEM FOR WHO THEY REALLY ARE...Otherwise, mjue kuchora eyebrows na foundation color zenu before mnitukane..🤣🤣 Goodnight loves🥰🥰🥰”

She has won awards under her Plesdent Kingstone persona but has since parted ways with the management under Video Director J Blessing .