‘mind your business’ corazon claps back at fans trying to coach her on how to take care of her son

Corazon Kwamboka [photo courtesy]>

Corazon Kwamboka [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa May 21, 2021

Kenyan socialite and mother of one Corazon Kwamboka has come out guns blazing after a section of her fans tried to advise on taking care of her son Taiyari.

According to Corazon, she has been receiving criticism of all kinds whenever she posts a picture of her son.

The curvy las decided to put everything in black and white, as she called out fans who thought they know better;

Something I’ve noticed;, every time I post my baby, some bloody fools, idiots, lunatics, will come to my page and start telling me; oh, mbona uyu mtoto anakuanga na homa kila siku… This baby is having difficulty breathing. Sijui do this, do that. You guys are idiots… You are a fool if you think that me Corazon is on my page posting my baby waiting for your opinion because I don’t see a problem with what he has… Do not come to my page trying to give me advice on what to do… People should mind their business”

Corazon continued to explain her baby’s breathing condition and said that she already has a pediatrician for Taiyari. She also threatened to block anyone who would piss her off with the same issue.

Corazon and her hubby Frankie JustGymIt welcomed baby Taiyari early last year. Photos of Baby Taiyari were only unveiled after he turned 4 months.