‘jemutai is my wife’ prof hamo reveals after dna confirms he is the father

professor Hamo and Jemutai [photo courtesy]>

professor Hamo and Jemutai [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa May 29, 2021

Comedian professor Hamo seems to be getting back to his senses and letting pride control him.

During an Instagram Q and A session with his fans, the comedian and radio presenter revealed quite a number of things concerning his relationship with fellow comedian and baby mama Jemutai.

Barely a month after demanding for a DNA test from Jemutai’s kids; Hamo has come out to reveal that Jemutai is not only his baby mama but his wife, shocking, right?

Anyway, a fan went on to ask;

‘Have you sort out your issues with your baby Mama?’

To which the comedian responded;

‘She's not my baby mama. She’s my wife.’

Not quite sure why the comedian is sugarcoating the whole baby mama drama; especially after Jemutai revealed that he had been neglecting his kids – when rumor has it that he has millions in his account.

Well, aside from that he went ahead and stated that they still love each other and that it's normal for a couple to fight.

‘it’s people who love each other that fight’. He responded to a fan.