‘i will give you money on one condition’ maina kageni promises to fund jalangos langata campaign

Maina Kageni and Jalango>

Maina Kageni and Jalango

by Beatrice Ambasa May 26, 2021

Classic FM presenter Maina Kageni has promised to fund Jalango’s bid to vie for ang’ata Constituency seat on condition.

Speaking during an interview at Jalango TV, the media personality stated that he was ready to splash money on Jalango’s campaign if he vied as an independent candidate.

“I will give you money and I will be at your rallies because I am not at the beck and call of some party leader,” the presenter promised.

However, Kageni cautioned that joining politics was the fastest way to go broke, adding that the nature of Kenyan politics restricts freedom of thoughts and opinions.

“If you go into Jubilee or ODM, your thinking must conform with the thinking of the people at the top. Anything outside that and you’re branded a rebel, so suddenly the Jalang’o we know getting into politics won’t be the Jalang’o we see.

Look at Moha, we were hiring that fiery guy to go make noise in Parliament to advocate for change on certain things across parties for the good of the country then....Look at our friend KJ who I love more than life, but he had to conform because that is how politics in Kenya works which is so sad," the Classic FM presenter concluded.