‘i will expose you!’ ringtone tells guardian angel to apologize before he spills the beans

Ringtone Apoko and Guardian Angel [photo courtesy]>

Ringtone Apoko and Guardian Angel [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa May 27, 2021

Gospel artist Ringtone Apoko has definitely made it his business to trash talk and drag other musicians' names through the mud.

After causing drama with artists such as Embarambamba, Bahati, Willy Paul among others, the Pamela crooner 

Ringtone has proved that he’s never taking sides when it comes to trash-talking his fellow musicians.

 From Embarambamba, to Khaligraph Jones, Otile Brown, Okwonkwo, among others. The gospel artist is now after Guardian Angel; and has threatened to ignite a beef with him. He claims that he is a fake Christian; and told him to apologize before 10am today.

‘Guardian angel fake Christian u have played with wrong one, am expose you tomorrow if you isn’t ask me for forgiveness. you are have by now until tomorrow 9am at 10am its beef time’

The singer did not specifically say what he was going to expose about Guardian Angel; but claims he has a video tape of him engaging in bad behavior.

So far many have taken to the comment section to state that Ringtone is after publicity and the guy would do literally anything to get his name on peoples mouth.