‘i regret buying my first car’ guardian angel reveals regrets in life

Guardian Angel [photo courtesy]>

Guardian Angel [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa May 3, 2021

Kenyan Gospel singer Guardian Angel has for the first time opened up about his regrets in life.

During an exclusive interview with Pulse, the Rada hitmaker was tasked to explain if there is anything he regrets spending money on and he quickly said his Mercedes Benz.

According to him, he says that he wasted money buying his very first car and  that he wishes he could have spent the car money on a better investment.

One thing I wasted money on was buying my first Car, I could have recorded a lot of songs. Yaani hiyo kitu nilitupa tu pesa hapo, kama ningekuwa vile nafikiria sai singe-buy hiyo Gari, ningerekodi mawimbo. Ilikuwa Mercedes Benz.

Unajua hiyo time nilikuwa nadhani ukiwa msanii ako na Gari utatokea wasee feel…hiyo kitu niliwaste pesa and I will never forgive myself kwa sababu ya hiyo kitu, juu ningefanya kitu ya maana na hiyo Doo” said Guradin Angel.

The singer went on to reveal that one investment he is proud of in his life is being a farmer.

“Being a farmer manze, siku hizi mimi ni mtu nafuga kuku, I think that is one of my greatest investment that I’m proud of,

And also we are proud of what we have put in the Album that we are about to release. Hiyo tumeinvest” said Guardian.

It's fair to say that Guardian Angel is among the many youths or rather, stars who have spent money on flashy cars and later regretted this decision.