‘i can never have a side chick’ simon kabu states after cheating speculations

Simon Kabu and Sarah Kabu [photo cvourtesy]>

Simon Kabu and Sarah Kabu [photo cvourtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa May 26, 2021

Bonfire CEO Simon Kabu and his wife Sarah have over the past few months remained a topic of discussion and a mystery to many.

The duo have been a target for trolls, with many stating that their relationship may not be as perfect as it seems.

On several occasions, Sarah has stated that their marriage is the best and that her husband can never cheat on her.

For this reason, fans have asked not once, if Simon has ever cheated, or if he would consider dating a younger lady.

One of his followers was bold enough to ask him if he would mind having a side chick and he hilariously responded with a short video.

"Eeh hiyo swali nitajibu aje (how will I answer such a question? Yes I mind," he said while laughing. 

The couple met a few years ago while in university, and their love continues to blossom. They are blessed with three beautiful kids; a son and two daughters.

 Kabu also revealed that his wife sarh is the most beautiful woman he knows, after a fan asked if he found his wife unattractive sometime.

What do you mean unattractive? Never! She is the most beautiful person on earth. What do you look for in a lady? If you look at the physique, a 70-year-old won't be the same as a 20-year-old. We need to appreciate the changes that we all go through. When I look at Sarah, I see the kids she has given me, the companionship, friendship, the love and many good things. He stated