‘i am not in regrets’ jimmy chansa addresses break-up with socialite vera sidika

 Dr. Jimmy Chansa and Vera Sidika [photo courtesy]>

Dr. Jimmy Chansa and Vera Sidika [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa May 26, 2021

Tanzania singer Dr. Jimmy Chansa has for the first time spoken about his break up with ex-girlfriend Vera Sidika.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with SkyWalker, Jimmy showered Ms Sidika with praises, describing her as a very charming, loving and smart lady.

Chansa added that he doesn’t regret any stage of their relationship, as he enjoyed himself while it lasted.

“Mimi nilikuwa na deal na mtu ambaye sio socialite, na kilichokuwa kinanifanya nistick na mtu wangu ni personality niliyokutana nayo.

Ana personality Nzuri ana Upendo , very smart. Sikujutia chochote na sijawahi kujutia chochote niko sehemu sahi mpaka sasa hivi and I believe it was good while it lasted and everything was cool kwa upande wangu mpaka kesho.

Ni mtu mwenye uoend, ako real, charming na hafake chochote na am proud opf that mpak kesho kutwa ilikuwa safi tulipokuwa wote…ndo maana sijawahi hata kuongelea mahusiono yangu. It was just a normal relationship that am proud of and am glad. I was once there” said Jimmy Chansa.

Contrary to this, Vera Sidika had a lot to say about Chansa, stating that she ended the relationship because it was toxic.

In a Q&A session, Ms Sidika alleged that Jimmy did so many things that she couldn't withstand, despite being branded the innocent one by netizens.

“Saddest thing about this relationship is that people thought how was the most innocent, decent person I ever dates.

I’d too, until the real person unveiled. The things I went through and saw. Waah! I have never been shocked in my life, out of all my relationships it was the most shocking one to me. Better the devil you know than the Angel you don’t know. When same mistakes are repeated severally it means it’s a habit that will never change and those mistakes were not silly things. Proper terrible things, that No woman can tolerate"