‘everybody has a past’ milly wajeus speaks out after kabi admits he sired a child with his cousin

Milly Wajesus [photo courtesy]>

Milly Wajesus [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa May 7, 2021

Kabi Wajesus wife Milly has finally decided to break the silence and address the fact that her husband Kabi is the biological father.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Milly admitted that the news had been difficult for her to accept, while adding that it was a part of life.

"I understand that we all have a past and at times that past is tough and hard to understand.

"But I am also a mother and I know that every child needs love and support from the parents. As a mother I will do all that is possible to assist my husband to support Abby and to make sure she becomes integrated into our family," her brief statement read.

Both Milly and Kabi Wajesus made a video and uploaded on their youtube both denying that Abby is Kabi’s daughter.

The internet has since come at the couple guns blazing many criticizing the fact that they publicly denied the 8-year-old girl her rights.