"kwani uliacha masomo"? fans react to trio mio hanging out with harmonize.

 Trio Mio and Harmonize [photo courtesy]>

Trio Mio and Harmonize [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa June 23, 2021

On Sunday, celebrated teen musician Trio Mio was briefly out of school to attend a music event graced by Tanzania's Bongo star, Harmonize. 

In the event hosted at Nairobi's B-Club, Trio Mio got the chance to chat and even take photos here and there with the Bongo star.

After the event, Trio took to his Instagram to tease his fans on the possibility of him doing a Collabo with Harmonize, aka Konde Boy.

However, Trio Mio's presence at the club has sparked reactions from netizens. 

Many wondered why Trio, being only 16 years old, was allowed into the nightclub and how he could get permission to be out of school.

Here are some reactions to Trio's photo of the event. 


Huyo mtu wa mtaratara hayuko shule??


Trio si ni under 18 😂😂😂😂😂😂


Lakini Siii Huyu Trio anafaa kuwa shule, and what happened to Under 18 kukosa kuingia KWa Klabu 😂


😂 trio nikama ame sneak


Huyu kijana Trio alikataa shule aki 😂