Weeks Later Ruth Matete Yet To Bury Husband

by Muthoni Kimani
May 14, 2020

Gospel singer Ruth Matete was recently given a go-ahead by her late husband’s family to bury him in Kenya. This was after a battle between the 2 families,with claims that Ruth was a part of her husband's death.

On April 29th there was a letter addressed to the Nigerian embassy,John Apewajowe’s family requested that his corpse be handed over to his widow Ruth for burial adding that they had no dispute over the autopsy reports conducted.

“With regards to the death of our son, John Apewajoye, we request that the corpse should be buried by his Kenyan wife without further delay for his soul to be at peace. All autopsy results duly accepted,”

Matete through her lawyer Robert Odanga, however, accused the Nigerian embassy of wrongfully barring her from picking her late husband’s remains for burial despite his family’s request.

“Even after conducting the autopsy with four independent pathologists present, the embassy has curtailed our effort to remove John’s body for burial. The family in Nigeria have even written to them (the Nigerian embassy), requesting the body to be released, but they have refused to release it,” he said.

We urge every party concerned to objectively look at the facts of this case before judging Ruth. We are satisfied with how the homicide department has handled the investigation and we shall support them in everything they may need,” said Ruth’s lawyer.