Wahu Is Pissed

by Muthoni Kimani
May 18, 2020

This was after critics accused her of showing off while helping the needy.

The songstress and mother of two beautiful daughters, on her Instagram shared photos handing over care packs, foodstuff and other provisions to needy families hit by the COVID 19 pandemic which has left a lot of people jobless. She wrote on her facebook page;

“Earlier today myself, Lucy Karume and Gloria Ndekei (women leaders of KEPSA) handed over 200 care packs to ex in-mates of Langata women’s prison, under the Clean Start umbrella. Thank you @chandariaindustries for your kind donation. Supporting your brother or sister in need is supporting yourself.”

One of Wahu’s followers by the name Aisha,went ahead and questioned why she had to take pics.

“What are cameras for???? Mkipeana vitu za maana mnaweza tumia camera,” she wrote on the comment section

Adding a smiley face She went ahead and responded,and I quote

“cameras are for appreciating partners who support an initiative, and also to encourage others corporates and individuals to do what they can. Don’t be so negative. You only see what I let you see. There’s a lot which you don’t know because it doesn’t need to be known. 😊.