by Muthoni Kimani
January 11, 2021

Facebook has received a backlash over the plans to implement a new privacy policy that will force users to share their private data with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp had earlier last week notified its users of its terms of use and privacy policy which included letting Facebook and its subsidiary companies collect their data with the information, including users' phone numbers, location, contacts and financial transactions. The company further stated that Facebook and other Facebook families might also use the information from us to improve experiences within their services such as making product suggestions examples(of friends, connections or exciting content hence showing relevant offers and advertisements.

By February 8th the messaging application stated that it would be inaccessible to those who won't have accepted it's new rules. "If you do not accept the new terms, you do not enjoy the service.This goes against the principle of freely given consent," he tweeted. "Ideally, under the Data Protection Act, we have a right to object to the WhatsApp's actions...WhatsApp wants to use our data for commercial purposes. Under Section 37, they must obtain express consent from us; otherwise, they are going against the law."

These changes have caused concerns and questions have been raised over the information WhatsApp collects from its 2 Billion users and what it shares with its other companies like Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.