by Beatrice Ambasa
May 13, 2021

Used car importers could soon pay an inspection fee of Sh 2,000 for each unit as the government renews efforts to stop foreign pests from being imported.

The inspection fee for each minibus or van has been proposed to be Sh 3,000, while that for bus, lorry or lorry is Sh 5,000 and for heavy commercial machinery is Sh 10,000.

The fees have been varied compared to 2017 when the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (Kephis) first discussed the plan with a proposed fee of 5,000 for each motor vehicle.

The agency says imports of used vehicles and equipment are still a major threat to the introduction of pests or diseases, requiring the publication of new regulations.

“The rules for plant protection (decontamination of used vehicles, machines and equipment) 2021 were therefore developed to create a legal framework for reducing the risks associated with this route,” wrote Kephis Managing Director Theophilus Mutui to the importers on May 6th of used vehicles.

The importers were invited to give their views at a virtual meeting on Thursday.

Used car dealers reject the inspection fee and ask Kephis to first prove the extent of the threat posed by used car imports.

“Kephis must provide evidence of the threats they describe,” said Charles Munyori, secretary general of the Kenya Auto Bazaar Association.

“We want to see the statistics they rely on to enforce regulations and set fees. Hundreds of thousands of used cars have been imported into the country and we saw no danger. “

Mr Munyori added that the proposed rules should not discriminate against imports of used vehicles, arguing that shipping many other goods can introduce pests into the country.

If passed in their current form, the rules will force exporters of used vehicles and equipment to rehabilitate them in their home markets before shipping to Kenya.