Trio Mio Speaks Up on his Mums take on his lyrics. 'My Mum Has Problems With The Lyrics I Sing'

by Helvine Achieng
May 4, 2021

We all know that Trio Mio is undoubtedly the youngest successful musician in the Kenyan industry. Despite his age, the young lad has already built a name for himself in the local industry. Trio's hit song 'Cheza Kama Wewe' featuring renowned Gengetone artists such as Mejja, Nelly the Goon and Exray scaled him to greater heights giving him recognition in the industry and far and beyond.

Trio started singing when he was in class 6, but his breakthrough song was released five months ago (Cheza Kama Wewe). Opening up about his lyrics, Trio claims that his mother, who's also his manager, isn't delighted with some of his lyrics.

”Mum ananiambanga, wewe izo ni nini unaimba apa? My mum is my manager.”

Mio has also managed to do other big collaborations with artists such as Fena Gitu. His hit song 'Cheza Kama Wewe' has now garnered over 5.9 Million Views.