TikTok trend leaves boy, 11, fighting for his life after swallowing magnets

by Helvine Achieng
May 25, 2021

A family has issued  warning of the dangers of a new TikTok trend that   has  left a boy fighting for his life after swallowing several  magnets.The boy, Ellis Tripp remains hooked up to tubes and wires in a critical condition in hospital after swallowing five tiny magnetic balls, which were discovered in his intestines and bowel.

The 11-year-old  was rushed into surgery on Wednesday when doctors thought he might have been suffering from a burst appendix only to be shocked to discover his appendix was fine but then a magnet attached to their operating tools was the  cause of his pain.The young lad was taken to Birmingham Children's hospital on Friday, where he underwent two major surgeries and had five inches of his bowel removed.

The Doctors said he was the fifth youngster in just one week to have been  treated for swallowing magnets and further research on the boys school found other pupils with the magnets in their possession during a search.

During the prank, people place two magnetic balls either side of their tongue and wiggle it around, creating an optical illusion that their piercing is stationary.It is feared Ellis, of Worcester, may have been performing a dangerous TikTok craze that sees youngsters pretend to have their tongue pierced.

Mum Amy Clarke posted on Facebook:

 "I'm in a nightmare.

"This TikTok craze could/would have killed him if left any longer. Please talk to your children and tell them how Dangerous these are.

"Magneto Beads are deadly if swallowed. They even have them in educational/childcare settings for children to play with. Destroy them.!!!!!"