Tik Tok Star Alvan Gatitu Lands A Job In Radio

by Muthoni Kimani
February 1, 2021

Alvan Gatitu alias love is one happy and grateful man after he shared his great news. The Tik Tok star internet sensation and former contestant at Tusker Project Fame has landed a new job with a new radio station.

Alvan Gatitu is now a radio host/presenter on a new radio station, Trace FM and he is happy about his new challenge ahead. Will you be tuners? If the Lord did it before He will do it again for you! It’s been four years. I missed radio.” he said.

Alvan Gatitu was among the millions of Kenyans who were hit hard with the Covid-19 pandemic last year. The pandemic had hit him real hard last year in July that he was forced to seek refuge at a soldier’s (house guard) booth because he couldn’t afford to pay his rent.

Sharing his ordeal with the world, Mr Gatitu talked about his plight in a video that had since gone viral. “The reason why I’m in the street at 5:30 is that I slept at the guard’s booth at Riara as my house was closed. I tried calling my landlord and the manager, but they did not pick my calls, so I had to leave,” Gatitu said in part.

Alvan disclosed how some of his friends never came through for him in his time of need. He thought the friend could help him ask the guards not to open the gate for him when he reached his place. He acknowledged there’s a time even your close friend/s will not come to your aid when you best need them.

“I had thought another friend could help, but when I reached their gate, he told the guards not to open the gate for me. I explained to the guards, and they let me sleep at their place, so I laid some cartons and slept there.

There is a day that comes, and friends fail you, and you can’t put one and one together.” he added. Just because he has a good heart, Alvan Gatitu went ahead to give his gratitude to the watchman in kind and bought him a bike for sheltering him when he could not afford house rent.

The watchman is still his friend to date. Alvan Gatitu has picked himself becoming an inspiration to many people who are currently going through the same ordeal he sadly went through.

Alvan securing this radio job that he’s happy and excited about proves no situation or condition in life is permanent.