Tanzania ‘welcomes’ Lupita to Serengeti

by Helvine Achieng
April 12, 2021

The Tanzania National Parks Authority has recently shared its excitement after hosting award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o at its Serengeti National Park. Lupita has been holidaying in the Serengeti for about a week, enjoying the vast nature Tanzania has to offer. The young lad visited the Serengeti park for the first time on April 5.

The Oscar award-winning actress has since then been documenting her stay in the Serengeti to her followers on her various social media accounts, with her first post at the Serengeti being a selfie with an elephant on her Instagram; ‘This is not a zoom background, I promise!’ with a hashtag ‘#elphie in the Serengeti’.

With the notice shared by Lupita via her social media, a poster has been made of Lupita walking in the Serengeti with the caption, “ Lupita Nyong’o, a Hollywood walk of fame star, walking majestically in the plains of Serengeti in Tanzania.”

Last week, the award-winning actress posted a picture of herself on Twitter in which she appeared to show both her middle fingers to her ‘haters’ with the caption, “Them: prove you love your country.”

Thus this sparked various reactions from Kenyans, with them interpreting that the young lad has no Love for her country.