Tahidi High's Mama Jimmy cautions actors on begging For money from Kenyans.

by Helvine Achieng
July 21, 2021

Former Tahidi High actress Mama Jimmy has recently cautioned actors from begging and playing the sympathy card to their fans. At an interview, Mama Kayai admitted that acting is a well-paying career that can transform one's life if managed well.

"Every Kenyan is a hustler; why should I take my problems and put them on you or any other person? Then every time I'm crying saying 'woiye"? Time for pity and compassion is in the past, and we can't all fit at the statehouse. All of us can never be politicians," she said.

"I had to sacrifice a lot, when some of my former colleagues were going out after payday to enjoy themselves, I have never followed them. I had to stick to my goal,".she added.