by Beatrice Ambasa
May 4, 2021

American rapper Travis Scott has decided to treat himself as he celebrates his 29th birthday.

Travis touched down in Miami in a brand-spanking-new private jet, and it's ridiculously big!!!

He got the jet last Xmas, but just looking at it now, well, it's so big it looks like he's flying commercial.

Travis got some goodies for his birthday, including this humongous Hermes bag!! You can't say he doesn't travel in style.

Travis came back from Nassau, Bahamas, where he was celebrating his 29th birthday on a yacht. He goes big by sea and by air!

Now, it's not like it's a competition, but it looks like Travis's jet might be bigger than Kylie Jenner's, and that's saying something. She reportedly plunked down $72.8 million for her flying machine.

Travis and Kylie are both killing it these days, so it's not like one has to outdo the other, but let's face it, in the world of private jets, there are bragging rights for one to say to the other mine's bigger than yours!!!