by Helvine Achieng
April 6, 2021

Tanzanian Songbird Zuchu is over the moon after achieving 1 million YouTube subscribers. The Wasafi Classic (WCB) singer has ultimately become the first female artist in East Africa to clock 1 million on the online video-sharing platform.

Taking to social media to celebrate the significant milestone, Zuchu, whose real name is Zuhura Othman, expressed gratitude to her fans for enabling her to surpass the 1 million subscribers mark.

“1,000,000 Subscribers Asanteni sana kwa upendo huu uliopitiliza wa kuniwezesha kufika subscribes 1 million ndani ya miezi 11. Nina vingi vya kuwashukuru ila kwa leo history hii tulioweka ndo ya muhimu. " wrote Zuchu.

The Sukari hitmaker disclosed that she could not wait to receive The Golden Plaque (YouTube creator Award) issued by YouTube management. Zuchu now beats the African princess Nandy, the leading Female artiste with the most subscribers in East Africa.

"We have reached 1,000,000 million subscribers on YouTube I can't thank you enough. Thank you so much for your endless support. Waiting for our gold plaque like ????," wrote Zuchu. Initially, YouTube awarded her the Silver Plaque Button for becoming the first East African female artist to exceed more than 100 000 subscribers within a week.

Just last month, Zuchu also broke another record by becoming the first female artist in Tanzania to hit over 1 million views less than 24 hours after uploading on YouTube.

The Tanzanian singer went to social media to express her gratitude to her fans worldwide, thanking them for their undying and overwhelming support less than a year after joining WCB.

"Asanteni sana Wimbo wenu Sukari umefika 1,000,000million ndani ya masaa 22. Wow Thank You so much much. Bado tupo namba 1 on trending youtube. #sukari iko kwenye kila platform. (Thank you so much. Your song Sukari has clocked 1, 000, 000 views in less than 22 hours. We are still number one trending on YouTube)" wrote Zuchu.