South African Rapper AKA steps down from his ambassadorial Deal after his girlfriend's death.

by Helvine Achieng
May 19, 2021

South African rapper AKA has stepped down from his ambassadorial Deal with a vodka company. Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, his original name, also stated that he is also set to give his side of the story after the death of his fiancee Anele Tembe.

These past weeks has had AKA criticised after a close friend leaked a video showing Anelle breaking down and emotional inside their Johannesburg apartment. After the video made its rounds on social media, social media users have labelled the rapper as violent. Further stating the viral video, AKA said the video was taken out of context.


"The past few weeks have been excruciatingly difficult for me. Beyond dealing with the loss of Anele, the love of my life, I am also having to deal with snippets taken out of context of our relationship that found their way to social media."


"In time I will share my side of the story in a sincere and honest manner, which will afford the greatest of respect to the relationship I shared with Anele and both our families."

The rapper went on to explain the nature of their relationship;

"I am not perfect, she was not without her flaws, but I am not what events of the last few days have painted me to be. We were in love and had committed to each other."

The rapper then announced his decision to step down;

"Having had time to reflect on the events of the past few days, I have engaged with my business partners, and I feel it best that I temporarily step back from my duties with Cruz Vodka as I need this time to focus on the way forward, and deal with my personal matter."

"I have done this for the sake of Anele's memory which will forever be en-trenched in my heart, our families and my fans. I am grateful to my business partners at Cruz Vodka for all their support and understanding of this decision, to give me time, Daily I wake up to the reality that the person I was building a future with is no more, the pain is unbearable, with God's grace I will remain strong and pick up the pieces. "