Singer Selena Gomez Slams Society's Beauty Standards

by Helvine Achieng
June 22, 2021

Selena Gomez has recently slammed society's "impossible beauty standards".Gomez recently revealed that "impossible beauty standards" have had a negative effect on her mental health. She shared some insights into her personal life and how societal norms inspired her to create her Rare Beauty makeup range brand. But went ahead and revealed that there was, in fact, a "strong connection" between conversations on beauty and mental health.

The young lad wants to "challenge and eliminate" the pressure for people to look a certain way, and she thinks it's crazy that society "constantly tells us that we're not enough".Speaking about the correlation with mental health, Gomez stated,

"Society constantly tells us that we're not enough, so I wanted to start a brand to challenge and eliminate that pressure – to change the conversation. My goal with Rare Beauty is to break down these unrealistic standards of beauty. I saw from personal experience how these impossible beauty standards were having such an effect on my mental health, and I know a lot of people who felt the same way."


"At Rare Beauty we do social detox weekends often when we encourage our community to log off for the weekend."

Selena previously insisted talking about her mental health has given her a "sense of freedom" as she bids to normalise conversations about it.

"I think it's less scary when you talk about it. So, that's some sense of freedom that I gained once I did.

"I think I had a moment where I felt different, like, 'Why do I react this way?' 'Why do I feel the way I do and nobody else does?' and I had to figure that out. I think my journey personally has been all about my timing."