Shaffie Weru speaks on deserted friendships after Homeboyz Sack.

by Helvine Achieng
May 6, 2021

Radio personality Shaffie Weru has recently stated that majority of his acquaintances and friends cut ties with him after he was sacked in March. Speaking in an interview on Switch TV, the former Homeboyz radio programs controller said some of those who abandoned him were people he expected to have his back.

"There are many, actually a majority of the people who I expected to stand by me or have my back walked away. I'm not even judging, and I don't have an issue with strangers, haters, or friends. I'm cool with it because, at the end of the day, the only time you will know your true value and connect with the people around you is when you're in serious problems." 


 "If it happened to Jesus, who am I to sit here and think that I'm so special that people would have stood by me?"

Shaffie further disclosed that he would not give another 18 years of his life to another company following his falling out with Radio Africa Group.

"If I'm going to do that, I will do it for me because it's about taking care of me."

"Anything can happen, good or bad. Sometimes things will go how they have to go, and you have to be ready for that particular situation. Appreciate it, understand it and if it's too much, take a step back and let it unfold as you understand it so you can be able to know how to live ad fight another day."