by Beatrice Ambasa
May 13, 2021

Allan Wasonga, Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) 2020 best student, has revealed his secrets and tactics he used in preparation for the national exams.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Wasonga revealed that he studied in the toilets at night to avoid waking the family who live in Kibera.

"I was trying to cover the topic during the night, but my mum was complaining that she was unable to sleep because the light was on, so I went to study in the toilet, when she found me, she did not say anything, she went back to bed and I closed the book since I had finished," Wasonga explained.

Wasonga also revealed that he chose to forgo sleep and decided to rest for only 30 minutes daily, and even when on the bed, he would study while standing to prevent sleeping.

"On most days, I would study until around 1am, then go to my bed and study while standing until around 3.30am, sleep for thirty minutes before waking up for the morning preps," he added.

Wasonga said that his teachers expected his stellar performance and among the best performers in the country with all that effort.

The top candidate stated that the pressure from teachers to perform made him use unusual tactics.

"The teachers started telling me that they expect me to be in the top ten candidates. I would laugh and tell them that I would do my best. But the pressure was real if no one would have told me they wanted me to lead in Kenya, I would not have gone to the extent of studying in the toilet," he explained.