by Beatrice Ambasa
April 12, 2021

Kenyan Fast-rising musician and rapper Stivo simple Boy has brought social media to a standstill after flaunting his new girlfriend.

Taking to his Instagram account, Simple Boy posted a photo that showed him embracing his Mzungu bae and accompanied that particular photo with a caption' Ndio manake 💕💕'.

One could clearly tell, from their body language, that the two were smitten with each other.

The post has since attracted many reactions from fans who find it mind-boggling the fact that the Mihadarati crooner could find himself such a beauty.

Celebrities such as Khaligraph Jones and Mwakideu were quick to congratulate the Lad.

Khaligraph posted, ‘Ndio Maanake, rada safi’ While radio presenter Alex Mwakideu posted ‘Hapo sawa kabisa! Shikilia kabisaaaa’.

Many have made a fuss about Simple boy having a Mzungu girlfriend because fame first came to him in the form of a meme. Someone took his mugshot, inserted a cheeky message and shared it on social media, teasing him for his looks.

Within a short time, there were variations of the meme, but the theme remained the same: they thought his face was interesting. The comments on his photo bordered on cyberbullying, but Simple Boy stood unnerved.

In a past interview with Tuko, Simple Boy revealed girls are begging him for his hand in marriage.

'Women say 'Ah Simple Boy I have feelings for you and want to marry you.'

When describing the type of woman he would settle with , he explained, 'I look at the behaviour, she must be loyal to me, then respectful and saved'

A few months back, during an interview with Milele FM, the rapper admitted he still had not tasted the 'forbidden fruit.' He stated that he plans to do the bedroom dance once he settles down in marriage.