by Helvine Achieng
March 10, 2021

South Africa's Princess Tyla, a self-proclaimed pop princess, has released her debut song, 'Getting Late', featuring Kooldrink. The 19-year-old filmed the video just before the pandemic hit, and then lockdown put her debut on pause after working on the project for two years.

"I have never cried as much as I did last year," she said in a statement.

"We set out wanting to make the best music video you have ever seen, and it just felt like a hundred failures followed every success," she said.

"Everything you see, we did by ourselves. No major label deal, no investors, we handmade outfits, built sets, worked for favours, pushed harder than I thought possible. What I do know is that I had never imagined in my life to look at something that I had made and be so proud."

The South African-born artist grew up listening to American R&B triple-threats like Aaliyah and Cassie, and seemingly those are her inspirations whenever musically. Tyla likes to think of herself as part of an active new generation of African creatives, proudly sharing their culture with the global community via her social media platforms.

"I want to take Africa everywhere I go. It's amazing how social media connects me with the world. TikTok allows me to express myself and show the world our South African dance moves like 'Pouncing Cat' and the 'Gwara Gwara'," Tyla said.

With 'Getting Late' steadily making waves, Tyla now focuses on building a career as a multi-hyphenate entertainer and shining a spotlight on Africa when it comes to the Music and Entertainment Industry.

"I'm a singer first and foremost, but I love acting, dancing, drawing and writing. I just love to express myself in all these different ways, and I hope to explore all of these paths as I grow as an artist."