Reverend Lucy Natasha donates foodstuffs to'‘TwendiTwendi' singer Justina Syokau after a public financial appeal.

by Helvine Achieng
May 12, 2021

On Sunday, Reverend Lucy Natasha visited singer Justina Syokau at her home, where she donated food and prayed for her. The Oracle Church preacher said the assistance was an act of restoration for the gospel musician who underwent a harrowing medical experience.

In a social media post, Natasha stated,

""Joyful moments as the Oracle together with ECC Pastoral team visited gospel singer @justinasyokau2020 for prayers, compassion and being a blessing to her after undergoing a tough medical experience. We are thankful for all those joined the live broadcast and gave towards her restoration.

May God send you timely destiny helpers and people who will stand with you.




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""After a week, the rashes had spread all over my body, and they were itchy. I stopped taking meat, eggs and started detoxing. In the second week, the rashes started forming black spots, and I went to the hospital where I was diagnosed with dermatophytes"" she said.