Rehema Muthamia crowned Miss All African Colours

by Helvine Achieng
March 3, 2021

In response to the Black Lives Matter movement, the Miss England beauty pageant launched the new category, celebrating women's rich heritage in England.

Farley Hill contestant Rehema Muthamia, 24, is the winner of the first-ever Miss All African Colours England. Although born in England, Rehema spent part of her childhood living in Kenya, and she often reminisces on the incredible experiences she had there.

The Sussex University graduate entered the contest to celebrate racial diversity and raise money for Woman's Aid.

"My family is so supportive they can't stop talking about it, and the Kenyan community has got behind me and wanted to support me and loved seeing someone from my heritage being represented," she told The Argus. Rehema's Beauty With A Purpose (BWAP) project supports Women's Aid.


"It was emotional. I remember the camaraderie; everyone was there, from students to the elderly. I hope it [the new beauty category] is here to stay. Racial injustice isn't spoken about enough, and minority voices should be heard. I have also inspired my little sister!" she told Luton Today.

The final of Miss All African Colours England was live-streamed on Saturday, February, 13th with Rehema receiving her award and sash from her proud grandma Monica, 69, after Saturday's final virtual, which took place via Zoom.

"It was a new experience, but I can always say I had a live final competition on Zoom, that can only happen in a pandemic. It was surreal I couldn't even compose myself because I was on Zoom and everyone was watching my face. My grandmother started screaming and plonked the crown on my head. She was just so happy and proud of me. I just loved the fact that we were celebrating minorities and ethnic women," she was quoted saying by The Argus.

Miss All African Colours England aims to bring more diversity into the Miss England competition.

She also becomes the face of the luxury handbag brand, All African Colours.