Petition launched to stop kisii Musician Embarambamba’s stunts terming them dangerous

by Helvine Achieng
March 4, 2021

You have probably seen videos of a musician from Kisii pulling off bizarre stunts during his performances. The musician Christopher Musioma but popularly known as Embarambamba, recently released another controversial video dubbed ‘Embarambamba live performance from the forest na ng’ombe‘.

The clip captures Embarambamba running around a garden and jumping on a cow at some point, with other clips showing the famous musician climbing on a tent while another shows him lying in the mud while clad in a white suit. Though a section of netizens finds Embarambambas videos entertaining, others have launched a petition calling for Embarambamba to be barred from performing such stunts.

Nguzo Africa, a community development agency based in Narok, Kisii, and Bomet Counties, states that the singer’s antics might prove harmful to himself and fans. The petition has been addressed to the CS Ministry of Health, Kenya Mental Health Board, Kenya Psychiatrists Association, Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB), Kisii Council of Elders, among other bodies.

“Nguzo Africa on behalf of concerned Kenyans hereby petition the institutions mentioned above to urgently stop the Kisii artist “Embarambamba” whose official names are Chris Mosioma from performing peculiar stunts that may affect his safety, followers, and the environment.

“We are concerned that despite the artist’s confessions that he gets overwhelmed with “Holy Spirit” when he performs, none of the concerned institutions has taken action to assess his state of mental health.” The petition further claims Embarambamba is painting Kisii music in a bad light.

“For the dignity of the music industry in Kenya. Music is meant to entertain, educate and pass on good cultural values. Music was not meant to scare, embarrass, maim and destroy” and “To safeguard Kenya’s brand. With the increased use of the internet, an outsider may classify the artist’s music as Kenya’s image. At the local level – Kisii music may be classified with these peculiar stunts.”