by Helvine Achieng
March 9, 2021

Kenyan artists have been continuously pressured into becoming super stars. For some reason, their fans also want high-quality videos from them i.e. the likes of Tanzanian music videos and Nigeria's.Many don't know that most of these big African artists have 'godfathers' who help support their music financially.

The array of expectations from fans has, however, been clarified in depth by Otile Brown. The Dusuma hitmaker took to his social media to share his opinion regarding the particular topic in a recent post that has left many talking.

The musician has gone ahead to advise local artists not to be pushed under such pressure, as music has never been easy for an independent artist who goes out of his way to release (songs, videos) that they can afford.

"I think Kenyan artists should be respected . All of those 'big artists' y'all compare us with, they have Godfathers who hold down and where now that they have made it, their godfathers are still putting money on their projects."

Otile Brown further stated why most rising artists or even existing artists have slowly grown in the music industry. To him, it's because they have no option but to depend on themselves in terms of financials.


"Our growth has to be slow and gradual coz we are always doing it all by ourselves, no label; no investors and remember we ain't from rich families. We have to balance the little that we get to pay bills, take care of our families, and invest it back in the business we've been failed by our government, media and even some of the fake stakeholders in the business, e.g. music distributors who take advantage of artists. Tell me why corporate brand will take more than 70% off all the revenues collected from the platforms; theyve suck us dry. I also see young ballas, but all they want is to call you on a hangout on alcohol and women just to make them look cool. That's why you will never see me around themBefore you all speak, just know we are doing it all by ourselves and those who you think are better than us "wamebebwa".

What they think about is how to grow in their music cause everything else is sorted. With love, and I'm straight btw and ok with my gradual growth, just stop thinking and saying that we aren't putting enough effort."