OJ Former Tahidi High Actor Comes Clean About His Drinking And Smoking Problem!

by Muthoni Kimani
October 8, 2020

Former Tahidi High actor Denis Mugo popularly known as OJ has for the first time revealed how he struggled with alcoholism after he left the TV series leading to his former wife leaving him a few years back.

OJ disclosed that it got to a point where he went into depression having fallen from one of the most famous celebrities to just a mere person in the society. He added that this led him to turn into alcohol and smoking;

“I got to a point in life where depression ilinigonga, a good one. So I could cover it up with humor, alcohol, smoking, with a lot of things. While my friends have accomplished a million things, I was still struggling to get to that point…we complain a lot about in society but we forget about ourselves,”

The talented actor added;

“When everyone is making it and you are there chilling like why not me, then you forget the simple instructions we were given; be disciplined, work hard, and have a vision. I saw this happening and I think I was proud,”

He went on to narrate that his celebrity status got into his head given that everybody knew him,unfortunately all that was for nothing as he was already an alcoholic as his status went as fast as it has come.

He mentioned that at the time his baby mama left him because she had had enough of his behavior.Having gone to boarding school in class four he only learnt to be independent when he got to form four.

The father of one went on to mention that he started smoking when he was in form two and when he got to form four he started drinking.OJ could drink anything from Chang’aa to the expensive drinks he could get his hands on.

As he turns a year older,he stated that his only wish would be to quit smoking as it has affected him for years.