by Beatrice Ambasa
April 19, 2021

Willis Raburu ex-wife Marya Prude Ngami has officially spoken out about the state of her relationship with Citizen TV’s presenter.

The Two who were married were rumored to have broken up after going through a tough time after they lost their daughter baby Adana after developing complications that led to a stillbirth.

Speculations had circulated when Ms. Ngami had dropped her ex’s name from her social media handle.

In a QnA session on her Instagram stories, Marya Prude asked her fans to ask her anything and one fan asked her if she was officially divorced.

She answered ‘Yes I am’, finally shutting down suppositions.

Ms. Ngami also confirmed that even though people are still hitting on her, she is not interested in pursuing a relationship with anyone at the moment.

Marya prude also said she was quite happy with where she was at the moment.