No More Gospel Music ! - BAHATI

by Muthoni Kimani
July 29, 2020

Bahati, known to many as “Mtoto wa Diana,” has finally addressed claims that he is no longer a gospel artiste.

Lately, we noticed Bahati was gearing up to quit the gospel scene.

He started releasing secular songs with secular artists.

Bahati revealed this while talking to MC Jessy in an interview; “I have Christ in my heart and believe in God and he’s the reason I’m at the top, I cannot leave Christ. That’s the most important thing, it’s not the gospel industry. The gospel industry is rotten …story for another day.

I prayed before I wrote Wanani, Missing You. I fought a lot in the gospel industry and I knew I was not doing the gospel for the people.”

The Mama hitmaker went ahead and said;

“When I am doing a gospel song I’ll do it for God, not for the industry. I just separated myself from the gospel industry for a while but I’m in Christ. The Lord is my personal saviour.” Bahati Concluded by saying;

“I think what God is doing at the moment, he has given me a moment to feed certain people sababu hawa watu wanahitaji kuskiza love songs. Wanani is the most played song right now in the country and is listened to by both secular and gospel supporters because I’m still a son of Christ.”