Naiboi Drops New ‘Kitu Tamu’ Video Featuring All-Stars

by Muthoni Kimani
February 26, 2021

Celebrated Kenyan artist Naiboi has released a new jam dubbed ‘Kitu Tamu’ featuring all-stars who include Band BeCa, Femi One, Brand UB, Breeder LW, and Fena Gitu.

‘Kitu Tamu’ translates to ‘Something Sweet’ and each one of them delivers their lyrics from their perspective. Brand UB opens the jam rapping that he looks fresh all day and works hard to ensure his bank account is always updated and that is something sweet.

Band BeCa features in the next scene in their beautiful glory. Carol delivers the lyrics in a melodious voice chanting that you lack good manners if you pass by them and refuse double-tap because Band BeCa as a whole is sweet. Becky joins after and reinforces Carol’s statement.

Breeder LW who features after Band BeCa makes sure to leave his mark by rapping that he is living the lifestyle by enjoying popular street food in Kenya dubbed ‘mutura’ with chopsticks.

Fena Gitu on the other hand, emphasizes that rapping is in her blood because she is someone who is sweet. All the rappers are able to brindifferent styles of rap to the table and still harmonize to produce a hit with Naiboi hooking them up with a catchy chorus.

The audio was produced by Bassman and Hammado on the beat with The Raww directing the visuals.

‘Kitu Tamu’ has been received well by fans .Here it is;