by Beatrice Ambasa
June 7, 2021

Kenyan Rapper Noti Flow has finally opened up about the physical abuse she endured in  her previous relationships with her male exes.

In along post, she stated;

“You should date men' blaah blaah. This ' wat a man did to me! 🙄 After giving him all my love, my trust, taking care of his bills & shit..Don't you dare come to my page with you don't know what you're missing bullshit. Yes I know alright. All men have done to me is hurt me, disappoint me, break me, cheat on me, detooth me, & just in my previous relationship almost literally killed me!,” read in a part.

The rapper went on to say that despite always believing in love, her past relationships with men have truly disappointed her.

“They think sex is everything & they're possessive. They want to have multiple partners but you as a woman it's an abomination to cheat! I never thought I'd be able to share this with you but I'm healed now. My body & my heart,” she continued.

Noti has disclosed that the man who had been violent to her was behind bars and that it is an ongoing court case.

“I arrested his ass tho & he was crying like a baby lmao. Behind bars is where such criminals belong. Assault is a serious case guys. Be woke. Don't throw your lives away. We have an ongoing court case. & I will make sure justice is served 💯 #stopviolenceagainstwomen #stopdomesticviolence.”

Her revelation comes after she came out gay, when she posted her new girlfriend King Alami.